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Product Tips:

•  Ice-cream Cake – Storage & Serving
1. Remove the dry ice. Store the ice-cream cake in freezer(-18℃) immediately.
2. To temper slowly, place the ice-cream cake into refrigerator (+4℃).
3. Heating the stainless steel knife in a glass of hot water.
4. Wipe dry the blade and slice the ice-cream cake. (repeat heating knife if necessary)

•  Cream / Cheese Cake – Storage
1. Store in refrigerator (+4℃).


HEY.YO 圓月薈萃雪糕月餅
HEY.YO 圓月薈萃雪糕月餅


1. Cookies & Cream 
2. Strawberry
3. Alphonso Mango
4. Peach Yogurt
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